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Description of a variants follows the Human Genome Variation Society recommendations.

"c." for a coding DNA sequence (c.76G>A)
"p." for a protein sequence (p.Gly26Ser)

DNA Level

Coding DNA (cDNA) reference sequence was obtained from the Entrez Nucleotide database (a collection of sequences from several sources, including GenBank, NCBI RefSeq, and PDB).

Nucleotide Numbering

Nucleotides are designated by the bases (in upper case).
Numbering is based on the cDNA sequence: begins from nucleotide 1, which is the A of the ATG-translation initiation codon.
Starts with a number referring to the first nucleotide affected (for example c.76G>A).

Protein Level

Proteins are designated in capitals. The translation initiator Methionine is numbered as +1.
Protein description includes the usual name and reference sequence of the primary translation product (not a processed mature protein) and thus include the signal peptide.